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Once upon a time in the Underground, in a castle beyond the labyrinth, lived the Goblin King. After a most humiliating defeat the king began to fall into darkness. Never to take another unwanted child, the labyrinth fell into despair. The people of the Underground began to fear for their lives. The labyrinth and all its creatures were slowly disappearing, along with the kings' memory. It was now up to three inhabitants to call upon the very person whom might be responsible for the very demise of the Underground.

Could they reach her in time?

Would she even be willing to help?


"Sarah!" Toby shouted from the porch. He then came running, his arms wide, stumbling a bit on the way. His short little 7 year old body couldn't quite keep up with his legs. Sarah smiled at his enthusiasm.

"Hey Tobes, how are yah?" She replied while rubbing the top of his head and giving him a good squeeze.

"I'm good, now that your home. I'm so glad you're back!" He exclaimed.

"Me too Tobes, me too." She smiled.

Her father and step mother helped bring her belongings into the house. After many hugs and kisses she finally made it up to her old room. She breathed a sigh of relief. She was glad to finally be home. College had been a whirlwind of non stop studying and test taking. She always gave herself time to relax once in a while, but she was never the avid party-goer as her friends were, she never joined any sororities, never dated anyone. She just got through it as best she could. Majoring in literature certainly gave her the ability to write more then she was ever able to in high school. She wrote for the local newspaper at the University, and she also took some classes in theater, just for fun of course. Sarah seemed to be a freer spirited person then she had ever been before college. She had learned a large life lesson at the age of fifteen and would never forget her experience in the Labyrinth. She knew it had been real, for ever since that time she was able to see the goblins that kicked over the old ladies flower pots, the pixies that flew in the university gardens, the gargoyles that hung over the cathedrals in town, and the beautiful fairies that flew in the parks. She would always smile and wave to them or wink casually. She never forgot her friends, and never forgot their King. She thought of him more often then not, she thought perhaps that was why she never dated; no one came close to him. She never attempted to get in touch with her friends, fearful he would punish them, but Sarah always knew it was because of her special trip that words were never to be used lightly, and that nothing was ever as it seemed, even in the Aboveground.

Some goblins even lived in her closet for awhile in her dorm room. They would pull her clothes from the hangers and mismatch her socks. Sarah would always scold them until she realized some make-up for them to eat and some clothes on the floor weren't so bad. But about a year ago they stopped coming and she didn't see them anymore. She always wondered what happened to them. They just ceased to live in her closet one day. She thought it very strange. But with so much happening her last year of college she had little time to investigate the whys of it.

"Dinner will be ready in a few minutes." Sarah lifted her head up from her bed. It was her step mother; she had the most beaming smile on her face.

"Sweet heart, I just want you to know how proud I am of you!" Sarah smiled.

"Thanks, Karen. I'll be down in a sec."

Karen closed her door and Sarah pulled on a fresh pair of jeans and a thin turtleneck. It was cold this evening but the sun was still peeking through her window. Sarah was happy her family was in high spirits. After that fateful night Sarah decided to create a much better relationship with her step mother. She couldn't fault her for trying, at least she was. Her real mother was so caught up in her career she couldn't write a letter, much less make an appearance. Sarah was appreciative of having such a loving step mother.

As Sarah checked herself in the mirror she didn't notice the slight rippling of it as she walked out the door.

"We'll never get in touch with her!" Hoggle cried.

"Please contain thyself my friend, we will succeed!" Sir Didymus attempted. But deep inside, he too was losing faith in reaching their fair maiden. Time was running short.

"Bah! That rat Jareth can't remember anything anymore! What are we gonna do?"

"Sawah find." Ludo offered.

"OOOh, that's what we're trying to do, you over grown fur ball!" Hoggle was losing patience. He sighed and looked back into the mirror. "I'll try one more time tonight, but if she doesn't answer, well, I give up!" Exasperated and upset Hoggle sat in the dusty chair in the tower above the castle. He looked out the window at the diminishing Labyrinth below. The days were growing shorter, the nights longer, the sand colored walls of the Labyrinth were turning gray and chalk white, the trees and bushes were brittle and dead, the sky was the same, always threatening to break open. Jareth never left his throne. His color was growing dull; he was looking older and paler then ever before. His hair was falling limp, and he never changed to his owl form to fly. Every time Hoggle attempted to speak with him, Jareth began talking to himself, forgetting even who Hoggle was sometimes. Hoggle was tired of seeing the castle in ruin, and although he didn't really like Jareth, he never wanted anything like this to happen. He was fearful that the days of the Underground were numbered. For if no one picked up the runners, the Labyrinth could not thrive. And if the King could not remember, the Underground might cease to exist.

Sir Didymus gently placed his paw on Hoggle's shoulder. "There is still time, she will come. I know she will come."

"Sawah friend, Sawah come!"

"Wow that was an excellent meal. Thank you for dinner, it's been since Christmas I've had a home cooked meal." Sarah praised Karen's cooking.

"Well thank you, now that you're home you can enjoy it more."

"Speaking of being home more, do you have plans on what you want to do Sarah?"

Her father, always the realist, Sarah smiled. "Yes Daddy, I'm actually working for a publishing company not too far from here, I already went through the interview process, they just need to finish a few things on my back round check and I'm hired."

"Good to hear." He replied.

After dinner Toby and Sarah took a walk over to her favorite park, the sun was slowly setting and it looked beautiful on the lake and bridge. She remembered all the times she would come with her old dog Merlin and act out her fantasies and plays. Toby ran up to her and smiled.

"Ready to go?" He asked.

"Yes." Sarah frowned as they left, noticing that she never once came across anything from the other realm while being out today. "How strange?" She whispered.

When they arrived home Sarah got Toby ready for bed and read him a story. After he fell asleep Sarah walked into her own room. She started to look around at the small changes she had made over the years. She had gotten rid of her old bed, but kept her vanity dresser. Most of her books and toys she put away in boxes, replaced with more mature stories and mature toys, she mused. The one book she did keep in her collection was the Labyrinth. As she pulled the book from the shelf it seemed to glow, her eyes widened. But then it died as quickly as it came. She decided to change into her night clothes when she heard a strange clinking noise. Sarah smiled and threw open her closet door.

"I wondered what happened to you guys!" Then she frowned. There was nothing there. She thought it might be her Goblin friends.

"Huh, I could have sworn I heard…," The noise happened again and Sarah looked all over her room, that's when she noticed her mirror. It rippled like water. Sarah cautiously walked over to it.

She touched the mirror with her finger. "Hello?" She whispered to it. Slowly she began to recognize a face.

"Hoggle!" She yelped! She heard her father downstairs.

"Is everything alright Sarah?"

"Yeah Dad, sorry, I was on the phone."

After a long silence, she figured the coast was clear. She once again touched her hands to the mirror.

"Hoggle, Hoggle are you there?"

"Sarah! Bout time I got yah!" He snarled.

Sarah was so excited to see him, "Oh Hoggle, I've missed you so much, how are you, how is everyone?"

"Sarah, I don't have time for 20 questions, you need ti git over here now!"

"What? Why? What's happened Hoggle, is everything okay?" She panicked.

"We need you here Sarah, right now! We'll explain things when you get here, now come on!"

"Well how, do I, how do I come through?"

"Just come through the mirror dummy!"

Sarah looked quickly around her room, she grabbed her satchel purse and she also grabbed the book before pulling the satchel over her shoulder. She breathed in deep and pushed her hand through the mirror.

Sarah felt someone pulling her through the mirror and then she was on the other side.

Sarah gasped as she fell to the dusty floor. She stood up and brushed her hands off. She looked over at Hoggle and Sir Didymus. She gave them each a hug.

"Sawah come!" Ludo shouted as he engulfed her.

"Thanks Ludo. So where are we?" She asked as she looked around.

"Well Sarah, there's somthin we's have to tells yah." Hoggle was nervous.

"What, what's wrong?" Then she saw the window and looked out. Sarah gasped slowly, taking in the dark cloudy sky with its rumbling thunder, she looked over the Labyrinth. Its stones were cold and gray, the light that once glowed along the entire area was gone, it looked dead, or in the process. The trees were black and burnt; there was no color at all anywhere. No life either.

"What happened here?" She whispered.

"This is whys we been trying to get yah, we don't knows what's happening!"

"Well, what about the Goblin King? Where is he?"

Sir Didymus pulled his hat off and placed it by his heart. "My fair maiden the Goblin King doth not know why any of this is happening; he does not even remember who we are. Mine own heart fears the King himself is dying."

Sarah's eyes grew wide. "No, no this can't be happening." She cried.

"We's tried to stops it, but without the king, we don't knows where to look. That rat Jareth, this is all his fault, ever since…" Hoggle stopped himself.

"Ever since what Hoggle?" But Sarah already had a good idea.

"Ever since you left my lady?" Sir Didymus said because he knew Hoggle wouldn't.

"So, perhaps this is my fault?" Sarah calmed herself and took a deep breath.

"No it ain't your fault Sarah!" Hoggle yelled.

"Me thinks we don't have much time left, my lady." Didymus interrupted.

"You're right. Where's the Goblin King?"

The trio's eyes grew wide. "Sarah it's dangerous, he's not himself anymore, he hasn't been violent, he's just, well…and we're not sure what he's capable of." Hoggle exclaimed trying to stop her.

"You mean he's not his arrogant, scary self? That shouldn't be too hard to deal with." Sarah smirked.

"This ain't funny!"

"And I'm not laughing. Now you brought me here for a reason, so let me see what I can do." She proclaimed, determination blooming in her eyes.

Sir Didymus bowed and placed his hat back upon his head. "I will show thee the way my lady."

They walked down the steep steps of the Goblin tower and through many small passageways and halls until they finally reached the center, the Goblin Kings throne could be seen from the doorway. A cold breeze rushed through shivering the group to the bone.

"It's so cold here." Sarah remarked.

"Tis getting worse by the day my lady." Sir Didymus whispered.

Sarah looked down at the group, "Well, let's at least try." They began to walk.

Sarah wasn't prepared for what she was about to see, but as more of the throne room came into view she noticed how dark and desolate it was, and although no one was around on her first trip into the room, it looked colder and more lonely then before. And there, sitting upon his throne was the Goblin King himself. Sarah moved closer to him. His clothes were dull and bland, slightly tattered along the edges, his boots were no longer shiny and clean, and his hair was limp and lacked any real color at all. His skin was thin and pale. She could not see his face for it was hung low and covered by his hair.

Sarah swallowed and found her voice. "Goblin King?"

There was no movement from him, she knew he was alive, she could see his chest rise and fall, but he had not taken any notice.

"J…Jareth?" She pleaded with a small cry in her voice.

Slowly she watched his head move up. She gasped aloud. Her hands instantly covered her mouth. His face was gaunt and as pale as the rest of his body. His eyes held no life in them, they looked hollowed and sad, and the blue was completely gone, replaced with gray. Dark circles rested under his once high cheek bones. He looked at her with little to no recognition.

Sarah was devastated, she could not believe this was the once arrogant, beautiful, King she once feared. He was emaciated and looked sick and rather old. She couldn't take her eyes off him, her mind was still trying to grasp his image, and it wasn't right at all. She began to shake her head in disbelief, tears stained her cheeks.

She quickly rushed towards him and pulled his hands into her own; they were so cold and dry. "Jareth? Can you hear me?"

He stared at her for a long time and then he spoke, "You are very beautiful. Do I know you?" His voice was slow and ragged.

Sarah smiled and wiped her tears away, "Of course you know me Jareth. It's me Sarah! You remember, your old adversary, the one to conquer the labyrinth?"

His brows furrowed in confusion and his eyes held a small light for just a moment, and then it went dead. "I do not recall."

Sarah sighed loudly and placed her head upon his hands. She sniffed and rose her head up close to his. "Piece of cake, don't you remember anything at all? I called your labyrinth a Piece of cake?"

He looked just as dead in the eyes as before. Then he spoke again, "You are very beautiful." He smiled slightly, but the smile held no warmth, just fascination.

Sarah turned back towards her friends. They all held grim faces as they hung their heads in defeat. Sarah wiped her face again and stood up, she still held on to Jareth's hand.

"Well, this isn't getting us anywhere." With her head held high she pulled Jareth out of his seat.

"Come Jareth, it's time for you to go your chambers; I'm here to take care of you now okay?" She smiled at him.

He gave that fascinated dull smile again. "Alright," he whispered. Hoggle was stunned and his draw dropped.

"Sarah, we's been trying to gets him outta that seat for a week, and no one's been able to do it!"

Sarah smiled and whispered, "Well it's a start isn't it?" Her eyes were still brimming with unshed tears as she brushed by them slowly, with Jareth's arm in tow. She stopped and looked back at the group.

"Where is his chamber?" She asked.

Hoggle showed her the way.

As soon as Sarah walked into his room she noticed this room lacked color as well, everything was black and gray. She was screaming in her mind, she knew it wasn't supposed to look like this. Jareth was very accepting of her help, more like pliable. He let her drag him along towards the hearth. And although he was much taller then she, he was so thin and light it wasn't difficult to pull him anywhere. She was thankful he could still walk.

"I've been in this room before?" He announced, surprised.

"Yes Jareth, this is your sleeping chamber." Sarah placed him on the chair by the fireplace. She looked around for a light source and found nothing but wick and candles. She remembered her satchel and pulled out her old Zippo lighter she had, it was a gift from a friend in college who loved the fairies it had on it, and she always swore Sarah would begin smoking with all the work and no play regiment. But Sarah never did, but she kept the lighter anyway. She began to light the room with candles and large torches by the doors, including the bathrooms lights.

The trio stood just inside watching her in amazement. Sarah looked to be on a mission.

She looked over at them. "Can someone get me some wood to start a fire in here?"

"I will assist in this task my lady." Didymus offered.

"Hoggle, can you gather any of the last surviving members of the labyrinth together? I would like to have a meeting in the throne room?"

"Uh sure, I can do that I think?"

"Thank you." Sarah sighed.

"Uh…Sarah?" She looked up.


"I'm sure glad yer here." He smiled and walked out with Ludo in tow.

She smiled solemnly and began pulling the bed sheets back. Warmth began to engulf the room. Didymus had started a grand fire in the hearth.

"Is there anything I can assist with my lady?"

Sarah was looking at Jareth's clothing and his dirty hair and skin.

"Yes, how do I use the bathroom, Jareth needs a bath something awful." She scrutinized Jareth as he moved to sit on the edge of the bed staring out into space.

"Uh Yes, I do, I will draw a bath for his majesty."

"Good, and after your done, can you find out if there is anything to eat in the kitchens, he needs food badly."

"Yes my lady, as you wish."

After Sir Didymus drew a hot bath and left to gather food Sarah was busy looking through Jareth's closet for some night clothes. She couldn't tell what was proper for night attire, or anything else. Everything was gray and dull and dusty. She finally decided on a pair of waist drawn muslin breeches that were very loose and a simple, and what looked to be a night shirt.

She then looked over to Jareth. She sighed. "Why am I doing this for you? I can't help but think that this is both our fault, but I won't let the Underground disappear. Well I better help you before I change my mind; let's get you in the tub."

Sarah walked over to him and pulled him up. "Jareth, can you get undressed and get into the bath?"

He looked past her, "I think so." He whispered.

"Good, please go into the bathroom, here's a robe for when you're done." She handed him the robe but he didn't make a move to take it and he simply sat there. Sarah sighed loudly and pulled off her satchel and removed a hair tie out of her pocket. She pulled her hair into a pony tail and grabbed the robe from the bed.

"Come on Jareth." And she pulled him up and into the bathroom.

After much assisting and persuasion, she made him undress himself and quickly she placed a towel around his waist, and helped him into the warm water. She left the towel along his waist for her own piece of mind and began to lather a sponge she found in a silver tray beside the tub. Jareth never made a move to stop her; he simply stared at the wall with dead eyes.

"Oh Jareth what have you done to yourself? Or rather what haven't you done? You're a mess, the Labyrinth needs you, your people are disappearing, and everything in this world is gray and dying." She felt like she was talking to herself. She washed his arms and legs and upper body, she wasn't about to go any lower, she figured the soapy water could help there. She pulled a small clean pot from the silver tray and filled it with water and poured it over his head, gently holding his head back as to not drench his face. Jareth's body seemed to loosen at the action and he sighed. As she washed his hair, she watched him close his eyes. A warm smile pulled at her lips. She didn't know why she was doing all this. But she knew this wasn't the real Goblin King, she knew something had to be done and it had to start with the King himself. She didn't know how she knew this; it was more just a feeling.

After she finished bathing him she tied the wet towel around his waist tighter, and then quickly placed a terry cloth robe over his body. He pulled his arms through and the wet towel fell to the floor. Sarah walked him over to the fire to sit in a chair for a few minutes to dry; she found a soft brush and began to run it through his hair, gently easing all the tangles away. She noticed little slivers of yellow and gold in his hair. It was surprising considering everything else was colorless. Sarah smiled in hope.

After she was done she made her way to the bed and helped him dress and get inside the covers. As she pulled the duvet up over his waist, he sat up against the fluffy pillows; then she suddenly felt his hand caress her cheek. She looked up with wide eyes in shock. It was the first action he took all on his own.

He still looked half alive, but a small light was shining in his eyes, he held her cheek gently in the palm of her hand.

"I think, I think I do know you, don't I?" A tear fell from Sarah's cheek as she quickly nodded with a rush of emotion. He watched it fall, his mouth opened and his brows furrowed. His fingers slid across her cheek following the trail of wetness.

"Why do you cry?" He asked innocently.

"Because I am happy, I want you to keep trying to remember Jareth."

He was staring at her tears then quickly looked into her eyes. "Alright." He replied.

It was the best she was going to get she thought. Soon after, Didymus brought a heavy broth to eat, and Sarah fed him the first spoonfuls, his color seemed to come back two fold.

"My lady, where doth thou learn to care in such great pains?" Didymus asked.

"Oh, well my grandmother died a while back; before she passed away I took care of her. She was very weak, and couldn't take care of herself, so between my mother and I, we took turns…funny, I never saw my mother but a few times during that stretch, but anyways, she was also losing her memories." She looked at Didymus. "It's a common disease in the Aboveground that may be why I've been so emotional with Jareth. It's like seeing my grandmother die all over again." Didymus patted Sarah's shoulder as he rose.

"My lady, I believe you're on to something." He exclaimed. Sarah just smiled, never taking her eyes off Jareth.

"I hope so, Didymus, I hope so."

Eventually Jareth fell asleep and Sarah was lounging on the edge of the bed when Hoggle came in.

"How's he doin?" He asked in a whisper.

"Better, look at his face, it looks better don't you think?"

Hoggle dropped whatever he had in his hand and his mouth opened wide. "I would never thought, Sarah, its workin!"

Sarah moved away from the bed. "Don't get too excited, I don't think were even close yet." She moved right up to him and bent down to pick up what he dropped.

"Oh, I almost fergot, I found this in his throne."

Sarah held what looked to be a medallion in her hand. It was as dull and lifeless as the rest of the realm. She noticed the long cord that held it was tattered and broken. "Thank you Hoggle, I'll hold onto this for now."

"Be my guest." He huffed.

"Well", Sarah sighed, "I better be heading back home, I'll be back in the morning okay?"

"Well alright, I don't know if that's such a good idea, I don't know how much longer the Labyrinths magic will work on the portals."

Sarah's eyes went wide. "Well if that's true then, will I even be able to get back home now?"

Hoggle shuffled his feet. "Err, I dunno missy."

Sarah collapsed onto the floor. She took a moment to have a minor fit inside her head then she relaxed. 'This is no time to be freaking out; the Labyrinth needs my help, so I have to keep it together.' She thought.

"Well, I guess I'm stuck here for now. Were you able to reach anyone in the Labyrinth?"

Hoggle looked down at her and his eyes brightened. "Sure was, theys all waitin in the throne room now."

"Well, Hoggle, you should have…come on, lets go."

And with one last look at the sleeping Goblin King she left his room.

About a few dozen inhabitants were left, all squabbling and talking at once. It was heartbreaking to Sarah. Hoggle had found a couple Fireys, some fairies, a lot of goblins, and some creatures she wasn't even sure of. She walked over to the throne and sat down on the edge of it. Everyone quieted down immediately and the whispers hushed as soon as she sat down.

Sarah looked at them all, they seemed so helpless. "Hello everyone, Hoggle has informed me on what you have been informed on. So you know I am Sarah, I don't know how much help I will be, but I will do my very best to bring the Labyrinth back to what it once was. I can at least promise to try. Your king is now resting in his chambers. I don't know why…" She paused here and her brows furrowed together, "But I have a feeling that this starts with the King. He has forgotten much, he doesn't seem to recognize anything, so I am going to do my best to help him remember, I think it will help in the survival of the Labyrinth."

Some one finally spoke up, "But what do we do in the meantime? People keep disappearing!"

"I know; I don't know what we can do about that, just try to remember, keep thinking about the labyrinth, and remind the king of whom you are!"

They seemed happy with this, it was most likely more then they had received in a long while. Sarah was content for the time being, but she was exhausted. Finally after receiving everyone's name on parchment from Hoggle she drifted towards Jareth's quarters.

"Uh Sarah, should I be settin one of the guest rooms for yah?"

"Don't bother I'll just sleep on the couch in his room." She replied.

Hoggle was about to argue, but then he simply nodded.


"Uh yah?"

"Don't worry I'll try my best ok."

"I know yah will, ya already started something, I knows it." He smiled and walked off.

Sarah walked into Jareth's chambers and checked on the sleeping king. She was shocked to see more color in his hair and his skin looked healthier and younger. He was still frail and thin looking but he was looking much better. She smiled and laid her hand over his. "Oh Jareth, I hope everything works out."

Sarah grabbed a blanket that was folded at the end of the bed and grabbed one of his pillows. She took off her shoes and pulled the blanket over her on the couch. She stared into the fire for a long time, the cold air that whipped along the castle seemed less violent now and the burning crackling wood was a comforting sound on the hearth. Slowly she fell into sleep.
I am really upset I had to make this into 2 parts since DA will not allow in excess of 63kb. LAME. Anyway-

I got this idea in my head and could not stop thinking about it until it was all written down in one whole freaking night! Now this story moves pretty quickly (hey it's a one-shot what do you want?) And it's mushy, hokey, and sickly romantic. Dang…enjoy:

Part 2-[link]

Labyrinth and all characters described herein owned and copyright of Labyrinth the movie and the Jim Henson Co.-I do not own, I take only minor liberties with each character.
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